Cricketers to profit from ‘warmest year on record’

Following the coldest and wettest summer for three years, 2016 is predicted to be one of the warmest on record.

With the cricket season just around the corner, this prediction can only be a good sign to those who have been thwarted with cancelled fixtures of the last few years.

Club secretary of South Wingfield CC, Dean Briggs, said: “Fingers crossed for a summer where we can finally complete a full fixture list, without the pain of abandoning or cancelling games”

Village cricket has gradually lost many of its participants and as player numbers are down, the weather is only heaping more and more gloom on the game. It will take a lot of soul searching to find any individual who is willing to stand out on the boundary rope for 46 overs in single digit temperatures. As a result this only culminates in more people turning their back on the game.

Unplayable pitches, damaged buildings and issues within the local area all equate to games being cancelled without a single ball being bowled. For those who play most weekends of the summer, when training schedules are rearranged and fixtures are unplayable, frustration sets in for the whole of the club.

Not fulfilling fixtures also has a knock-on effect for a club’s finances, with no money being taken behind bars or from other fundraising activities that would be possible with good weather.


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