FIFA gets a facelift

New Federation Internationale de Football Association president, Gianni Infantino, has stressed the importance of implementing the proposed FIFA reforms ‘right away’

Following the corrupted reign of previous president, Sepp Blatter, FIFA have made it their priority to prevent such a campaign lasting for a similar time.

The major reform to combat this sees a proposed maximum reign as president lasting three terms made up of four years each.

When asked if this is in the best interest of FIFA and of football in general, sports columnist Anthony Crick, 21, from London, said: “I suppose it could be really. Saves what happened with Blatter happening again, and providing the stability they need”

With the English Football Association having supported Infantino, Greg Dyke has spoken about the importance of the participation women have in football.

This is reflective of the reform to promote women within football by having one female council member on each football federation board. Showing how important a role they have to play to promote women from the inside of the sport.

Ellie Clark, of Bamford Avenue, Newton, said: “Promoting women’s sport in general is a must in today’s society. Football being my favourite sport though, it’s good to see something is being done”

The general reaction of Infantino’s appointment is one of surprise and confusion. Many when asked are unaware of who Gianni Infantino is, but many do agree with the reforms FIFA are planning to put in place.

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Be sure to return to the blog soon when i will upload my interview with Cardiff Metropolitan University Lecturer Alun Hardman, who has an extensive profile including sporting ethics.


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