We zullen niet overgeven


We zullen niet overgeven — we shall not surrender

In the midst of this mornings terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, i find myself sat wondering what on earth the world is coming to.

Born in 1996, it wasn’t until the horrific attacks of 9/11 in 2001 that i truly understood how vile and repulsive humans could be.

What on earth could posses a human to take an innocent life of an unsuspecting victim.

Understandably we are all raised with different morals and beliefs. Some commit to a specific religion, abiding by its own laws and morals. As not all religions are the same, different followers have conflicting interests.

In an ideal world we would all simultaneously coexist. But when was anything ever perfect.

It should be however, free of scum ridden individuals whose soul purpose is to cut short the lives of INNOCENT people.

7/7 was the real heart jolting monent.

America and the rest of the world was hit hard and shook by the atrocities of 9/11 but it didn’t seem real for a 6 year old.

What happened in London however was an eye opener. Weeks before we were visiting the capital for a holiday of our own i was scared.

Nobody should live life in fear of their own life being taken away.

This is what these individuals want to do however. ‘Terrorists’ want to strike fear into the hearts of nations, they aim to rip apart governments and tear through countries to fulfill their ‘missions’

The incidents in Brussels have proven one thing and one thing alone.

No matter what is done in the efforts to eradicate these terrorists there is no foreseeable solution.

After the Paris attacks late last year Europe was placed on high alert. Belgium the first to do so.

They thought they were prepared.

Belgium believed they were ready when the time came.

All their best efforts faulted. Three individuals made their way through the airport during the busy morning rush hours where bombs were set off and lives were taken.

Then came the metro explosions.

Multiple hits, to the body of Belgium, left a wounded man.

A man who will get up and walk again but one who will never forget the faces that tried to kill him.

God bless Belgium


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