Guide Dogs leading the way

Guide Dogs have today advertised their campaign ‘access all areas’, to the students at Leeds Trinity University in a bid to promote the issues the charity face.

With around 49 percent of guide dog owners reporting they have been refused access onto public transport and into public places the charity felt it was essential to publicise the issues.

Thelma Wilson, Guide Dog speaker, voiced her displeasure at the lack of respect shown by members of the general public towards the life changing dogs.

Mrs Wilson and husband Peter, were accompanied to the university with Rhoda, a adopted guide dog  and Hadley who has retired from being an assistance dog.

g dogs
Rhoda and Hadley standing guard at the stall.

For a charity such as guide dogs it is essential that initiatives and events like today’s attract the attention of the public for numerous reasons. Not only do they deserve the full support of the public but also as a reflection of appreciation for their on going hard work, from all involved in the rewarding process.

Having the opportunity to talk about the importance of guide dogs being allowed into every day locations, Mrs Wilson spoke passionately and affirmatively in delivering a heart felt message to those who can help.


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