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World Cup of Hockey; Day 12

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd.

Today was a day for something a little different. For most of the days since being in Canada, the Toronto BlueJays have been closing out their Major League Baseball, 162 game season. New York were in town and with the Yankees losing the first three of a four game series, tonight they were looking for a little success of their own. 

Rain, rain go away, please don’t come back at all. It rained and my goodness did it poor on Monday morning. Having said a trip to the CN Tower would be spontaneous, given its an attraction for a nice day, we would wait to go when the sun was shining again. 

Instead it was an hours walk to the Royal Ontario Museum. Quite similar to the Natural History in London, it followed a very similar pattern and layout. Four floors worth of different exhibits, showcasing Gems and Gold as well as dinosaurs and mammals. To start you were taken round the history of China and it never seemed to end. Pottery and Samurai  soldiers, children’s and toys and a life size tea room. Knowing how large of a country China is, the amount of raw history matches modern day interpretation by displaying the timeline of fashion and landscaping. 

Next up was the Egyptian exhibit, as Mummies and a life size tomb were put aside for tourists to explore. You were taken on a trip thousands of years back to see how Eqyptians, farmed, provided a living and reared their young. The Roman uprising was also a major exhibit with buffs of iconic figures the centrepiece for the show. The different coins through time, and the significance of the Roman influence in the world were also elegantly portrayed. 

The main attraction as normally is, was the Dinosaur/Mammal section. Until you see something like this it is sometimes hard to comprehend the amount of animals that co-exist in similar regions and habitats, but with a recreated bat cave (it wasn’t real which upset me) you were able to get a real sense for how these animals survive using expert tactics and skills. Of course the dinosaurs are of particular attraction. They allow you an insight into what life was like millions of years ago and whether you are led to believe this is what created the world an explanation of where dinosaurs went was also laid out for all to see. 

A large collection of a Jewels and gems was also a nice touch for those with an expensive taste. It’s amazing to think that all of these gems are somehow able to grow natural and carry such a high prize behind them. This was followed by the Canada exhibit, which displayed the rich history of North America and showed the influence that the French and British have had in forming the country. 

After spending a good three hours in the museum it was time to head back to the hotel, and with the rain still coming down my feet were almost swimming come the time we were back. Tea was picked up on the way and we tucked in to a fine Cesar salad pre game. 

Baseball seems to be a huge sport, evidently proven by the amount of merchandise flashing around the city. Everyday is a Baseball day, as you never walk around Toronto without seeing a blue shirt or cap or anything for that matter, the fans seriously care for their baseball. When arriving outside the Rodgers Centre almost two hours before the start, an impressive amount of supporters had already begin to arrive. When cueing up to go in every lady had something blue. Magnifying the passion and pride that American sports fans have for their teams and for me shows a massive floor that fans have back in England. 

The West play baseball as opposed to cricket, and I can see why. The entertainment value, the outstanding talent and skill, everyone has a different attribute to offer the team and combined together it works. From the catcher to a designated pitcher, everyone contributes through the game leaving you on the edge of your seat. Unfortunately for us the Jays would lose the match 7-5, but with double digits being scored, two bullpen melees (basically big scraps between the two sides) four players/coaches being ejected, we certainly got our monies worth. The roof was shut on the Rodgers Centre given the poor weather which added to an amazing atmosphere, 44,000+ were in attendance on a Monday night which surprised me to be honest. I never expected such a turnout. 

I can honestly say it was an amazing experience and given the chance, I will certainly be coming back to watch! 

As I drift off to sleep, tomorrow brings the first final match between Canada and Europe. The best of three format means at least two games will be played and with Canada a solid 4-0 so far, they certainly have the upper hand.


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