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World Cup of Hockey; Day 13

Up up and away! 

Standing at over 1,814 feet tall, the CN Tower literally towers over the City of Toronto and neighbouring districts, posing as an iconic ‘modern wonder’ of the world. 

Clear skies and nothing better to do, so today we did something that 8 years ago I refused to do. On the way to the top of this structural wonder, you travel upwards in a glass windowed elevator. Growing up with a phobia of lifts I always opted for the starirs wherever we went, including the 194 steps at the Covent Garden tube stop in London. Having grown up and losing my fear of the lifts it was the perfect time to climb the CN Tower.

After making the short trip from the hotel to the Tower, it was time to go up, with the south of the city in full view, the ascend to the top was a pleasant one. In less than a minute we had arrived at the observation floor and began taking in the views. The Great Lake was a picture to behold as the sun beamed down on to of the water. As planes took off from the Island airport, a rain loud began to shift over the lake, thank fully it stayed well away from the main city, thus keeping the views as stunning as possible. 

Taking the obligatory picture on the glass floor, it was time to cue up and make our way back down to earth. Now time for a little shopping. Again the BlueJays shop was the destination, with my eye firmly fixed on a jersey and a hat, I had to do some pre purchase trying on. A Jersey size sorted, a quick look online to see if prices are better elsewhere (because I’m all about saving that wonga) then it was lunch time before we knew it! 

Another venture into the PATH saw us pick upanother Chinese. Expertly served and deliciously devoured. However I know feel too full to consume any other food.

Seven o’clock brought back the Hockey. And thank heavens for that. Oh Air Canada Centre I have missed you! 

Fan Village had packed up shop not too long ago and it appeared to have been placed just outside the arena. As crowds began to gather for this Final game one of three, the atmosphere began to pick up. Red jerseys galore, as the home nation looked to keep hold of the re-designed trophy. 

It was Halak vs Price. A tale of the tournaments two best goalies. As the veteran Europe side faced up to the daunting task of overcoming the powerhouse of Team Canada, Captain Anze Koitar was confident they could do so. Canada Captain, Sidney Crosby, however was confident his side would not crumble under the pressure and stick to their game plan. 

A final score of 3-1 was a little tough on Europe, and with Canada playing nowhere near their best it was a good opportunity for the underdogs to take advantage. Failure to shut down Canada’s top line was the biggest issue. Combining for 22points in the five games so far, Crosby and co have certainly been too much to handle. Brad Marchand kickstarted the scoring before Steven Stamkos made it two to nothing. Stamkos, who missed out in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics and then again in Sochi, was playing in his first major tournament for the Canadian men’s side so was eager to impress. Having not had puck luck on his side so far, the Tampa Bay centerman seemed to get closer and closer each game to scoring, with very assured performances. 

Semi-final hero Tomas Tatar found the back of Canada’s net when a lucky bounce fell onto his stick. Patrice Bergeron added a third, in the third, for Team Canada after being outplayed for the second period. Carey Price was outstanding again throughout showing just what a stalwart he is for this side and how lucky Montreal are to have him. Sidney Crosby again proved why he is just the best in the world. Creating countless opportunities in the forward zone, an aggressive backcheck and displaying some skills that we were being spoilt by seeing. 

Now Europ has it all to do when game two goes on Thursday night, so with tomorrow night without hockey, it’ll be Tornto FC offering Wednesday night as football returns to my weekly in take of sport.

Chow for now! 


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