Canada Trip · Ice Hockey

World Cup of Hockey; Day 17

The animals went in two by two, Hoorah!

It was a day for the memory bank yet again, as next stop on the sightseeing tour was Toronto Zoo. Being nineteen, things like zoo’s and safari parks should no longer excite me. However I was as giddy as ever to retrace our steps from eight years ago. Last time round it was three foot of snow that covered the Zoo grounds, today it was just puddles, as the heavens seemed to open at the early morning rise.

Second day of car hiring, meant fetching it from the car lot in the morning. Besides my Dad’s mini panic attack when he saw more than the agreed sum of money for the car had been taken out of his bank account, the day went pretty smoothly. 

A forty five minute drive through the outskirts of downtown Toronto, led us to the gates of the Zoo. Plastered all over the roads leading up to the entrance were posters, head lined by the newly born baby Giant Panadas. The first of it’s kind to be born in Canada, Tornto Zoo proudly showcased it’s latest addition to the Zoo. Two Panda cubs that are now nearing their first birthday, now act as the centrefold for the grounds, with its very own attraction center displaying the lengths keepers went to in order to breed the Panda’s and hold onto the new borns.

Sticking with Pandas, it wouldn’t have felt right without seeing my favourite of animals. The Red Panda. A mini edition of the Giant Panda, but instead of the Red colouring. Definitely the sort of animal you see and instantly want to take home. Another part of the zoo that brought back many a memory was the designated ‘Canadian Domain’ area. Also showing off one of its new borns in the form of a Canadian Lynx cub, this selection of animals is certainly of upmost interest. Bald Eagles, Moose, Grizzly Bears, Bison, Racoons, all the animals that make Canadian wildlife so sensational.

Other new faces at the Zoo consisted of Rhino and Zebra Calfs, a baby Gorilla, as well as the new Polar Bear cubs. Emphasised by the list of young in Toronto, it certainly has a knack for successfully breeding and raising young animals, thus making it the perfect attraction to have. 

Separating the park into different continental terrortories makes for a logical pathway through the Zoo, allowing visitors to weave their way to where ever they wish with minimal fuss.

Talking of fuss, the Canadian Otters weren’t the shyest of those on view. In fact they put on a special show, combining elegance and agility as he swam between enclosures. Saying that the shy award of the day had to go to the two young Orang-Utans, who at first seemed quite friendly and willing to pose for photos before hiding away under a blanket. Digs of the day had to go to the capybara who are being housed it what seemed the very ‘upper class’ enclosure, complete with waterfall and all. Show of the day was by far the most amusing and that went to the Grizzly Bear, who was having far too much fun in his swimming pool to give a care in the world. A very baloo esque performance it has to be said. 

Seeing the endangered animals such as the Jaguars and White Lions, is perhaps the saddest of experiences, knowing that somewhere in the world they’ll be someone trying to hunt down these magnificent creatures with only one aim. To profit from its death. It’s vile and frankly sickening and it take until you visit these animals to realise how incredible they are and what are worse of world we’d live in if they were to go extinct.

Before I head off an a rant about animals, i’ll leave the Zoo there. It was great to revisit a place that I remembered so well and would definitely be a place i’d would go upon returning, especially after spending a good amount of time in the gift shop, like the old days (No I didn’t buy anything unfortunately)

Five and a half hours spent inside the Zoo, a good effort on all accounts. Time for some tea, and after seeing the same advert on the tele for the past two weeks, mixed with my Dad constantly saying the advert words, he wanted to try and find one. I was led to believe (by my dad) that it was a Pizza shop, so we found one, Dea went to order, and they were totally oblivious to this offer he asked for. So walking out in a huff and a puff we settled for a nice chicken salad again. The salads here are to die for. Believe me.

Tea done, time to relax, and after watching the BlueJays beat the Red Socks in perhaps a must win affair, it’s now time for the end of the Expendables 3. From here I pass you on to my next blog and with the trip drawing to a close I am beginning to get more and more emotional about leaving. Good Night folks.


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