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World Cup of Hockey; Day 18

Now, the end is near and so we draw the final curtain. 

It’s Monday morning, I saved writing this for the morning as I was just simply too tired. It’s a little emotional, I don’t like ending memories, especially ones like this. So here it goes. 

Sunday signalled the end of our time in Toronto. As sad as it was, it’s been three weeks of pure magic and a time that I will never, ever forget. 

Casa Loma (castle on the hill) would be our last day out. Situated an hour and a halfs walk from the hotel, despite their being a subway stop right outside it, I convinced my Dad to walk the distance. A sublime setting for one of Ontarios most historic buildings, with history dating way back, including use as an Army headquarters throughout the World War 2.

Similar to the great heritage sights of the United Kingdom, this picturesque landscape plays host to a visitor attraction that Toronto City Council never imagined. Initially planned to be demolished, Casa Loma was saved in an attempt to restore to its former glory and open it up as an attraction to the people of Toronto. Now a very successful destination for tourist, the Castle looks as good as old in its new state.

To cap off the trip we headed out for a meal at night, and Canada wouldn’t be the same with out a Swiss Chalet. With my Mum in mind I didn’t hesitate in ordering what’s known as a ‘Messy Sandwich’ Two thick slices of bread packed with chicken and Swiss cheese and then lathered in gravy. My oh my it’s heavenly food. Accompanied by some Poutine and fresh veg, it made for a scrumptious last night meal, and sent me to bed too full to move.

Despite the rain catching up to us on our walk, all in all the day was a good one. Spending so much time with my Dad has been an absolute blast, and doing what we have over this time has meant I could appreciate each different day for its own little perks. 

The walks, swims, Football, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Aquarium, Zoo, Niagara, Casa Loma, flights, trains, CN Tower, meals out. Everything has been insane and I wouldn’t change a single thing we’ve done.

To those who have kept up with my blogs through this trip I say both thank you and bravo for sticking with my trip. One last post will follow this as a summary of the trip so stay tuned for the final instalment.

Toronto, you’ve been amazing. See you soon 🇨🇦


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