Not All ‘Cheaters’ Wear Spots

‘Cheat’ – A word associated with dishonesty and unfaithfulness, can be referenced in so many ways but is there a reason why people are given second chances?

Sport was rocked earlier this week, following the saga that unfolded in the cricketing test match between Australia and South Africa. High profile names like captain Steven Smith, his assistant David Warner were caught up in perhaps the most obvious of scandals during a game within recent times.

Smith and Warner have received twelve-month bans, whilst the other offending party, Cameron Bancroft has been slapped with a nine-month suspension. Obviously this means their punishment is only temporary, they will have a chance at reconciliation and will ultimately return to the game.

Many within and especially outside the game have been calling for their heads, some cricket fans taking to Twitter suggesting ‘they shouldn’t step foot in a cricket ground again’.

But lets flip the coin on is head here:

Steven Smith is arguably the best batsmen of current times. He is simply outstanding. YES, this does not excuse what he has done, but now the sport and Cricket Australia will suffer from his lengthy loss.

CA will welcome him back with open arms when his ban has concluded, they will remember what he has done but it’s impossible to think they would turn a cold shoulder to him. Only today in a press conference, Smith broke down in tears, finally coming to terms with what he had done, promising to never even consider the idea again.

I’ll be more than glad to see him return to the side, the competitiveness he oozes into the Aussie side just adds to encounters against any other nation. Maybe it was something this major that was needed for those involved to realise, you won’t get away with it and once is still one too many times.

But they will all return, looking to make amends and the chances are all three will do so, continuing to make their stamp on Australian cricket.

Warner and Bancroft have been regular faces in the squad for a while now and will also be sorely missed players. But who suffers?

At the end of the day it’s their team. They betrayed their trust and now it is up to these three players to prove it was a mistake and they are now here to make up for their wrongs.

Their allegiance will obviously remain with CA, as they continue to put right their wrongs. It’s an image nobody wishes to have, it’s an image that can crush your reputation with your family, your colleagues and those who idolise you.

Maybe a slightly different take on the matter, but I hope it sparks some discussion 🙂

I am more than glad they were caught. I’m glad South Africa then rubbed salt into the wounds and embarrassed the Aussies in the final day of the test match. It’s wrong for the individuals, those who it’s affected and the sport itself.

Until societies ideology on cheating and things of the sort change, nothing will ultimately prevent it happening. Those with true morals however will hope it only takes one major incident for the seriousness and embarrassment to kick in. That the pain felt by those it has affected will transfer and they will accept it.

It continues to happen even at grassroots level, but that’s because it happens at the biggest level too and on TV. So it’s seen as ok to replicate. Not quite the role models I grew up watching!


One thought on “Not All ‘Cheaters’ Wear Spots

  1. Excellent, thought provoking piece on what the public had possibly already made their ‘mind up’ on…..or have we now? 🤔


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