2016: How good you really were

I’ve liked 2016, its been pretty good to me. I’ve tried to some it all up but so much good stuff happened

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England the creators; Germany the curators

It’s a Tuesday night in the middle of November. A gentle mist hovers over the tips of the grass, as the rain begins to beat down on the tin roofs of the old Baseball Ground. Fingers frozen to the core, little feeling in your feet, but the warmth of the thousands of voices around you… Continue reading England the creators; Germany the curators


“That’s for you Gord”

The relationship between a Grandparent and their Grandchild(ren) is always one filled with pride, love and affection. Grandparents are often the number one supporters of everything you do, offering every little piece of advice and guidance you could ever ask for.  Praising you at every possible chance and making you feel like a million dollars.… Continue reading “That’s for you Gord”


Cricketers to profit from ‘warmest year on record’

Following the coldest and wettest summer for three years, 2016 is predicted to be one of the warmest on record. With the cricket season just around the corner, this prediction can only be a good sign to those who have been thwarted with cancelled fixtures of the last few years. Club secretary of South Wingfield… Continue reading Cricketers to profit from ‘warmest year on record’